The importance of using perfume every day!

We take care of the shoes to contrast with the wallet and belt, that hair is impeccable, the makeup properly, and perfume?

The importance of always using a fragrance delicious and consistent with our outfit, is that perfumes are part of the expression of our personality. For a fragrance we are remembered and recognized, more than shoes or the portfolio that we got the last time. A delicious wake walk, can generate a group of people from rolling over to see you, rather than the attire chosen.

To others, the smell is more linked to the information stored in the subconscious. The human remember 35% of what smells and 5% of what you see.

Perfumes are so personal that even the same fragrances vary according to the person who possesses it, is the invisible and the essential language that expresses our skin.

If you want to be always perfect, from head to toe, it is preferable to choose a fragrance for the day and another for the night, or you can even choose one for every occasion, but recalls that the perfume is part of your personality and so always uses that make you feel fantastic!

Coco Chanel said, that “a woman who does not use perfume has no future”, for our part, we do not believe that it is so, but yes is evidence that a person using perfume, is someone who worries about her style and herself. Perfumes enhance inner confidence, which is essential to achieve personal success. When a person smells rich, it is nice to talk and approaching it. On the other hand, if its aroma is not nice, people tend to move away.

Fragrance chosen to make a first impression becomes part of our presentation card, although then we use other scents for other occasions. Therefore important to carefully choose the perfume that we use, so is neither little nor much. If you’re going to spend a long time in a closed place, as for example, in an office, it is preferable to use a little softer scents.

Perfume says a lot of who uses it, for example, people with young and joyful spirit, prefer fruit and sweet aromas. The elegant and sophisticated, are more likely to choose oriental scents, on the other hand the lovers of outdoor life, prefer fresh and floral aromas. Moreover, those who have an outgoing personality lean by intense aromas, on the other hand, the more timid choose soft and delicate aromas with the intention to go unnoticed.

It should be noted, that while it is important to make a good impression on others, the fragrances make us feel different, we may even improve mood. The pleasant aromas, are always associated with well-being, balance and the will to live. As to the exercise, our body produces more amount of endorphins when we feel delicious fragrances.

Is important to be careful before choosing a fragrance, since this must be of excellent quality, we want that perfume is long lasting and not sitting only for a few hours.

Anyway, it should take into account that there are certain parts of the body where more feel and endure more perfumes, thanks to body heat causing the heart rate.


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